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Under the oversight of the Elders of the Chipman Road church of Christ
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Lee's Summit, MO 64063
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Midwest Lectures 39th Street - Independence, MO

Year Theme
2022 Christian Distinctives
2021 Living Godly In An Ungodly World
2020 Great Bible Questions
2019 Heaven
2018 Living In The Shadow Of The Cross
2017 There CAN Arise Another Generation That KNOWS God
2016 "Be" The Challenge To Live God's Way
2015 Character Studies From The New Testament
2014 Character Studies From The Old Testament
2013 How Great Thou Art
2012 I Know
2011 They Shall Be Turned Unto Fables
2010 Father, Forgive Them...
2009 God's Precious Promises
2008 We See Jesus
2007 Following The Narrow Way To Heaven
2006 Mark Them Which Walk So
2005 Conditional Christian Living
2004 Issues Facing the Church
2003 Then Cometh The End....
2002 1st Century Ethics In A 21st Century World
2001 Christian Evidences
2000 Ready To Give An Answer

Denton/Schertz - Denton/Schertz, TX

Year Theme
2021 Studies in Job
2019 Studies in Genesis
2018 Studies in Psalms (73-150)
2017 Studies in The Psalms, Volume 1
2015 Studies in Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon
2014 Studies in the Minor Prophets
2013 Studies in Daniel
2012 Studies in Ezekiel
2011 The Bible: Salvation and History
2010 Studies In Isaiah - Volume 2
2009 Studies In Isaiah - Volume 1
2008 Studies In Jeremiah and Lamentations, Volume 2
2007 Studies In Jeremiah and Lamentations
2006 Studies In Hebrews
2005 Studies In Leviticus
2004 Studies In Exodus
2003 Studies In Luke
2002 Studies In Mark

Bellview - Pensacola, FL

Year Theme
2005 The Blight of Liberalism
2004 Great New Testament Questions
2003 Great Old Testament Questions
2002 Beatitudes
2001 Encouraging Statements Of The Bible

Bremen - Bremen, GA

Year Theme
2003 2 & 3 John and Jude

Dresden - Dresden, TN

Year Theme
2006 Issues Facing The Church Today

Eastside - Muskogee, OK

Year Theme
2007 The Seven Churches of Asia
2006 The Local Church
2005 Building Up The Church
2004 When the Morning Breaks Eternal
2003 A Time To Every Purpose
2001 Christian Courage
2000 In God We Trust

Kansas Expressway - Springfield, MO

Year Theme
2017 Great Biblical Truths
2016 And Having Done All To Stand
2015 Life's Challenges - Titus 2:11-14
2014 Biblical Doctrine
2013 The Christian Family
2010 We Ought To Obey God Rather Than Man...
2009 Questions of Jesus
2008 That Ye May Know...

Lee and Walnut - Sapulpa, OK

Year Theme
2005 Take Heed
2004 Moral Issues
2003 Biblical Love
2001 The Fruit Of The Spirit
2000 A Good Soldier of Jesus Christ

Lubbock Lectureship - Lubbock, TX

Year Theme
2022 The Word of God
2021 A New Heaven and A New Earth
2019 Man is Justified by Faith
2018 Jesus Christ and Him Crucified
2017 Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
2016 Except...
2015 The Churches of Christ
2014 Male and Female Created He Them
2013 The True Grace of God
2012 Vanity of Vanities, All is Vanity
2011 They Are Ravening Wolves
2010 Walk In The Light
2009 Philosophy and Vain Deceit
2008 The Law of Christ
2007 Your Adversary The Devil
2006 To The Unknown God
2005 The Holy Spirit of God

Memphis School of Preaching - Memphis, TN

Year Theme
2016 Preach The Word
2015 Restoration: History In The Making
2014 Still Standing: But Not Standing Still
2013 A New Testament Christian
2012 In God We Trust
2011 The Behavior of Faith
2010 Shadows of Good Things
2009 To Seek and To Save
2008 Strengthening The Heart
2007 Epistles To Corinth
2006 The Gospel of Christ
2005 What Is Man?
2004 Sin And Salvation
2003 God The Father

Michigan - Garden City, MI

Year Theme
2010 Responses You Can Use To Some Fundamental Questions
2009 Wisdom for the Ages: The Book of Psalms
2008 The Book Of Revelation
2007 Difficult Passages and Alleged Discrepancies
2006 Current Issues Facing the Church
2005 Encouraging Words from the Bible

Central Carolina School of Preaching - Sumter, SC

Year Theme
2011 Creating...

Newton - Newton, KS

Year Theme
2004 Learning from Old Testament Examples #1
2003 Christian Relationships
2002 The Church

The English Lectures - Cambridgeshire, England

Year Theme
2005 The Existence of God and His Attributes
2004 Respect For The Authority Of The Bible

Rowlett Forums - Rowlett, TX

Year Theme
2011 The Crisis of Leadership in churches of Christ
2010 What Is Happening To The Church?
2009 Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage

Seeking The Old Paths - Corinth, MS

Year Theme
2002 God's Divine Authority
2000 Dangers Facing The Church: Changing Views

Southeast Missouri - Farmington, MO

Year Theme
2005 Virtuous Woman? Priceless

Shenandoah - San Antonio, TX

Year Theme
2014 Good Without God?
2013 OIKONOMIKOS: The Art of Wealth Management
2012 Purity and Passion: Human Sexuality in the Image of God
2005 Lives in Scripture: A Study In Comparisons And Contrasts

Spring - Spring, TX

Year Theme
2006 Anti-ism: From God or Man
2005 Morals: From Man or God?
2004 Judaism - From God or Man?
2003 Islam - From God or Man?
2002 When Jehovah's Witnesses Knock on Your Door
2001 Mormonism

St. Louis Area Lectures - Collinsville, IL / St. Peters, MO

Year Theme
2013 Tell Us Plainly
2005 The Fruit of the Spirit

Trenton - Trenton, TN

Year Theme
2003 Precious Principles From Proverbs
2002 For Such A Time As This
2001 Truth

Tri-Cities Forum - Elizabethton, TN

Year Theme
2004 Forum on the Holy Spirit

Western Oklahoma - Elk City, OK

Year Theme
2005 The Glorious Resurrection
2004 The Bible: How We Got It And How We Know It's From God
2003 Islam: A False Religion

Power - Southaven, MS

Year Theme
2010 Moses: The Meekest Man In All The Land
2009 Simon Peter: The Disciple Who Walked On Water With Feet Of Clay

West Visalia - Visalia, CA

Year Theme
2007 From God's Mind To Man's Pen
2006 The Bible In 3D: God's Word Revealed Through Bible Geography
2005 Daniel: God's Prophet Of Hope In Captivity
2004 Darwin's Damnable Doctrine

Grant Street - Liberal, KS

Year Theme
2004 The Church: Needs, Work, Attitude and Reward

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