Online Academy of Biblical Studies

Under the oversight of the Elders of the Chipman Road church of Christ
201 NW Chipman Road - P.O. Box 262
Lee's Summit, MO 64063
Phone: 816.524.7429 | 816.524.0854


The purpose of the Online Academy of Biblical Studies (OABS) is to fulfill a definite need within the churches of Christ. Our great brotherhood is blessed with some excellent schools of preaching that are true to the once and for all delivered faith. We strongly support these. However, there are individuals in our country and around the world who desire to attend such a school, but for various reasons are unable to do so. In order to fill this need OABS was implemented.

The OABS is just what the name suggests. It is a school which emphasizes the Bible and related subjects. It is online. That is, it is accessed through the Internet. Therefore, every person in the world who has good access to the Internet will have the ability to participate in OABS.

The classes will be live and interactive. This means the students will be able to communicate with the teacher as he actually teaches the class, asking questions, making comments, etc. It will be a classroom situation, but the students will not be in the same physical location. They may be in different states or even in different countries.

It will take a student four years to complete our schedule of studies. Our school year consists of two semesters, each containing eighteen weeks. We will conduct classes each Saturday, with each class day containing seven hours of study. A student is required to complete fifty-six (56) semester hours to graduate. This will be an intensive study, demanding several hours each week of study outside the class.

OABS does not exist solely as a preachers' training school. Some may not desire to preach, but may have ambition to gain a better knowledge of the inspired word to enable them to serve as faithful elders, Bible class teachers, personal workers, etc. They may be unable to attend a full-time preaching school, but the Online Academy of Biblical Studies can help them realize these desires. They can attend OABS from their home or any place a good connection to the Internet can be found.

The requirements of OABS will be demanding in time and effort. Not everyone will have the work ethic or the deep-seated desire to undertake such an endeavor. Therefore, our interests lie in those individuals who strongly desire a greater knowledge of the Bible and are willing to sacrifice to achieve that goal.

OABS is under the oversight of the elders of the Chipman Road Church of Christ in Lee's Summit, Missouri. This congregation has long been known for its love of the once and for all delivered faith. Russell Earl serves as the director of the school.

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