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Under the oversight of the Elders of the Chipman Road church of Christ
201 NW Chipman Road - P.O. Box 262
Lee's Summit, MO 64063
Phone: 816.524.7429 | 816.524.0854

Gospel Meetings

Year Speaker Theme Congregation
2022 Jason Rollo God's Home Olathe
2022 Cory Orr God's Scheme of Redemption Olathe
2021 Rick Popejoy The Holiness of God Olathe
2021 Trent Thrasher Introducing the New Testament Church 39th Street
2021 Mike Bonner The Resurrected Christ Olathe
2020 Larry Yarber End Times Oologah
2019 Keith Cozort Gospel Olathe
2019 B.J. Clarke The End Times Aurora
2019 Russ Earl What The Church Needs Now... Chipman
2019 Various The Armor of God Olathe
2019 Trent Thrasher Profiting From The Prophets 39th Street
2019 Michael Bonner Fellowship Blue Springs
2018 Brock Kendall The Christian's Dialect Olathe
2018 Jim Laws The Church and Salvation What I Need To Know About... Curry Street
2018 Kerry King The Gospel Is For All Blue Springs
2018 Various What Do You Do? Blue Springs
2018 Trent Thrasher God's Creation: Digging For Answers - VBS 39th Street
2018 Jesse Stephens Grow In Grace And Knowledge Chipman
2018 Jason Rollo A Zeal For... Aurora
2018 Various Think On These Things Olathe
2018 Various Bible Truth or Fake News 39th Street
2018 Rick Popejoy The Cross And The Empty Tomb Blue Springs
2017 Tim Kidwell Imitating Christ Blue Springs
2017 Scott Thrasher A World of Confusion Olathe
2017 Kevin Rhodes The Backstory of Jesus Blue Springs
2017 Toney Smith Christian Living In Today's World Chipman Road
2017 Dr. Mike Houts True Science Is The Christian's Friend Blue Springs
2017 Various Generations For God Olathe
2017 Michael Wyatt Soldiers of Christ, Arise! 39th Street
2017 Jason Rollo Some Questions People Ask... Blue Springs
2016 Various Issues Facing God's Families Blue Springs
2016 Larry Yarber End Times Chipman Road
2016 Fred Rhodes Christian Influence Blue Springs
2016 Eugene Jenkins Personal Evangelism 39th Street
2016 Dudley Morton Godly Living Olathe
2016 Michael Wyatt Ignite Your Faith Blue Springs
2016 Various Christian Living 39th Street
2016 Various God Wants You !!! (Building God's Army Starts With You!) Blue Springs
2016 B.J. Clarke How to Live an Abundant Life: Here and Hereafter Aurora
2016 Don Boyd What Kind of Animal Are You? Blue Springs
2015 Various Church Identity Crisis Blue Springs
2015 Various Are You The Benedict Arnold Of The Lord's Army? Blue Springs
2015 Various Family And Marriage... God's Way 39th Street
2015 Richard Massey Lord, Show Us The Way Chipman Road
2015 John Shafer The Weapon Of Prayer Blue Springs
2015 Jay Yeager The Most Important Message In The World 39th Street
2015 Chuck Northrop Be Ye Therefore Perfect Olathe
2015 Larry Yarber An Examination Of Islam Aurora
2014 Russ Earl Closing The Door On Satan Olathe
2014 Various Is Your Church In The Bible? Blue Springs
2014 Various Evangelism Olathe
2014 Fred Rhodes How To Evangelize Blue Springs
2014 Troy Leland What Must I Do To Be Saved? 39th Street
2014 B.J. Clarke Building On The Solid Rock Aurora
2014 Dudley Morton Preparing To Evangelize Blue Springs
2013 Chuck Northrop The Seven Ones of Unity Olathe
2013 Jack Williams It's All About ME! Kansas Expressway
2013 Charles Coats The Bible – God's Guide Book Genesee County
2013 Jerry Joseph What Is Salvation? Rendon
2013 Michael Wyatt Take Time Chipman Road
2013 Various Conversion to Christ Olathe
2013 Derek Yarber God's Love - The Aftermath 39th Street
2012 Randy Mabe Christ Is The Only Way Olathe
2012 Dudley Morton Wisdom from Proverbs Olathe
2012 Adam Cozort Lessons From Genesis Chipman Road
2012 Bill Goring God and His Relationship To Man Rendon
2012 Gil Yoder Comforting Words Olathe
2012 Randy Watson The Ephesus Church of Christ 39th Street
2011 Various Living Righteously... Chipman Road
2011 Lance Grimsley God's Wisdom vs Man's Wisdom Olathe
2011 Larry Yarber Jesus Rendon
2011 Various N/A Olathe
2011 Jeremy Northrop The Mountain Experience 39th Street
2010 Tom L. Bright Attitudes and Actions Olathe
2010 Larry Yarber N/A Rendon
2010 Lance Cordle N/A Kansas Expressway
2010 Bill Goring God And His Relationship To Man Olathe
2010 Jack Williams Not My Will, But Thine Rendon
2010 Clifton Harper N/A 39th Street
2009 Jack Williams N/A Phillips Street
2009 Ted Thrasher N/A Rendon
2009 Don Boyd Biblical Behavior Olathe
2009 Randy Carr Grave and Eternal Matters Olathe
2009 Richard Massey The Kingdom of God Rendon
2009 Bill Goring The Church of Christ Through The Ages 39th Street
2008 Ivie Powell N/A Kansas Expressway
2008 Darrick Shepherd Jesus The Way... Olathe
2008 Tom L. Bright N/A Rendon
2008 Larry Powers 1 Peter Phillips Street
2008 Various Makeover for the Christian Olathe
2008 Various Portraits of Faith Phillips Street
2008 Robert Hatfield N/A Grand Blanc
2008 Ben F. Vick, Jr. The Home As God Would Have It Chelsea
2008 Michael Wyatt N/A 39th Street
2008 Jay Yeager N/A Oakey Boulevard
2008 Dudley Morton N/A Olathe
2007 B.J. Clarke N/A Phillips Street
2007 Jack Williams The Christian Family Olathe
2007 B.J. Clarke N/A Phillips Street
2007 Larry Acuff N/A Grand Blanc
2007 Thom West Christ In Our Lives and Our Homes Oakey Boulevard
2007 Various Summer Sermon Series Phillips Street
2007 Kelvin Pugh N/A Summit City
2007 Charles Coats Mid-Michigan Preacher's Meeting Grand Blanc
2007 Larry Yarber N/A Olathe
2007 Eddy Gilpin Marriage and the Home Oakey Boulevard
2007 Various Lessons from Ephesians Sharon
2006 Caleb O'Hara Confession and Baptism Oakey Boulevard
2006 Randy Mabe The Church Of Christ Or A Community Church? Olathe
2006 Gary McDade N/A Phillips Street
2006 Allen Webster N/A Grand Blanc
2006 George Bailey N/A Forest Hill
2006 Richard Massey Repentance Oakey Boulevard
2006 Caleb O'Hara Confession and Baptism Oakey Boulevard
2006 Tom L. Bright Mid-Michigan Preacher's Meeting Grand Blanc
2006 David B. Smith N/A Lenoir City
2006 Toney Smith N/A Olathe
2005 Chuck Webster The House The Lord Built Forest Hill
2005 Jerry Brewer Fundamentals of the Faith Olathe
2005 Gary Colley Searching For Heavenly Answers Phillips Street
2005 Charles Orr The Ascension of Jesus Oakey Boulevard
2005 Garland Elkins Mid-Michigan Preacher's Meeting Grand Blanc
2005 Eric Owen The Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Oakey Boulevard
2005 Leonard White N/A Saline
2005 Harrell Davidson The Great Commission Olathe
2005 Eddy Craft N/A Lenoir City
2005 Tom L. Bright N/A Grant Street
2005 Jim O'Connor N/A Old Main Street
2004 Ben F. Vick, Jr. N/A Old Main Street
2004 Victor Eskew N/A Phillips Street
2004 Ron Cosby N/A Olathe
2004 Eddie Whitten N/A Oakey Boulevard
2004 Gary Colley Searching For Heavenly Answers Olathe
2004 Robert Taylor N/A Grant Street
2004 Jack Williams N/A Old Main Street
2003 Ted Thrasher N/A Old Main Street
2003 Dustin Forthun N/A Sharon
2003 Jerry Joseph N/A Olathe
2003 Paul Sain N/A Phillips Street
2003 Robert Taylor N/A Schertz
2003 Tom Holland MSOP Graduation Ceremony Forest Hill
2003 Jim O'Connor N/A Oakey Boulevard
2003 Tom L. Bright N/A Olathe
2003 Tommy Hicks N/A Northeast
2002 Tom L. Bright N/A Trenton
2002 Harrell Davidson The Teachings of Islam Phillips Street
2002 Michael Wyatt It's Time... Olathe
2002 Guss Eoff Chart Sermons Oakey Boulevard
2001 Various Questions For Today Trenton
2001 Robert Taylor The Beauty Of Being A Christian Olathe
2001 Garland M. Robinson N/A Phillips Street
2000 Terry Joe Kee N/A Phillips Street

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