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2018 Homegrown Gospel Meeting

"What Do You Do?"

Blue Springs church of Christ | Blue Springs, Missouri

July 15-18, 2018

Day | Date Time (CDT) Lesson Title Speaker
Sun | July 15 9:30 AM "When Someone Withdraws Fellowship To Avoid Being Disfellowshipped?" Leland Reed
Sun | July 15 10:30 AM "When Stronger Christians Feel The Weaker Christians Are Not Ready Or Worthy Of Doing Certain Public Worship Needs? How Does The Weaker Christian Get Stronger?" Chandler Francis
Sun | July 15 6:00 PM "Is It OK To Go To An Unsound Church Or 'Mostly' Sound Church?" Doug Holland
Mon | July 16 7:00 PM "An Elder In Another Congregation You Know Is Not Qualified To Be An Elder...Can You Associate With That Church?" Don Boyd
Tues | July 17 7:00 PM "When You Know Of A Member Committing Sin, However The Member Does Not See It That Way, And Half The Congregation Also Sees It As No Big Deal?" Don Boyd
Wed | July 18 7:00 PM "When The Congregation You Go To Is The Only Church Within 100 Miles And Is Starting To Bring In Ideas Like Children's Church And Youth Ministers?" Daniel Boyd

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