2005 Weekly Lessons 

Chalmette Church of Christ

 Delivered by 

Mark Lance, Evangelist

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April 3, 2005 AM The Parable of the Wicked Husbandman PM The Greatest Life Ever Lived
April 10, 2005 AM The Fall of a Nation PM For We Are His Workmanship
April 17, 2005 AM The Conversion of the Eunuch PM    
April 24-25, 2005 24 Why Not Me, God? - Comer "Buck" Hall 25  Why Not Me, God? - Comer "Buck" Hall
April 26-27, 2005 26 Why Not Me, God? - Comer "Buck" Hall 27 Why Not Me, God? - Comer "Buck" Hall
May 1, 2005 AM Following in the Steps of Jesus PM  The Bible: God's Revelation
May 8, 2005 AM What's Wrong With Me? PM  The Rich Young Ruler
May 15, 2005 AM Trusting God and His Promises PM  
May 29, 2005 AM How To Change An Enemy PM  
June 5, 2005 AM Your Most Valuable Possession PM The Kind of Fellowship We Need
June 12, 2005 AM How To Have A Successful Life (1) PM How To Have A Successful Life (2)  
June 19, 2005 AM The Greatest Decision You Will Ever Make PM  
June 26, 2005 AM A God That Provides - 1 PM A God That Provides - 2
July 3, 2005 AM Teaching Others PM  
July 17, 2005 AM Promises To Keep PM  
July 24, 2005 AM Our Fellowship In Christ PM  
July 31, 2005 AM A Fresh Start PM Help From Above
August 14, 2005 AM   PM Why Do Some People Hate God's Word?

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