23rd Annual Mid-West Lectures

Presented by

39th Street Church of Christ

Independence, Missouri

"Conditional Christian Living"

September 18-22, 2005

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All times are Central Time Zone USA

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September 18

Sunday Lectures
9:30 AM Audio God Promises A Drawing Power   PDF Jim O'Connor
10:30 AM Audio Salvation Is Dependent Upon Being Born Again   PDF Perry Cotham
6:00 PM Audio Traditions Of Men - Or Commandments of God   PDF Charles Coats
7:00 PM Audio God's Pattern For Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage  PDF Jack Williams

September 19 Monday Lectures
9:00 AM Audio The Necessity Of The Sacrifice Of Christ   PDF Jack Williams
10:00 AM Audio The Necessity And Value Of Humility   PDF John Shafer
11:00 AM Audio Was Christ Really Resurrected?   PDF Don Boyd
1:00 PM Audio Family And Christian Responsibility   PDF Toney Smith
2:00 PM Audio God - The Source Of All Law Fred Rhodes
7:00 PM Audio We Must Build As The Lord Commands   PDF Perry Cotham
8:00 PM Audio God Demands Agreement Among Brethren   PDF Robert R. Taylor, Jr.

September 20 Tuesday Lectures
9:00 AM Audio The Falling Away   PDF Robert R. Taylor, Jr.
10:00 AM Audio Abiding In Christ   PDF Chuck Northrop
11:00 AM Audio We Must Deal With Sin In The Camp   PDF Bill Goring
1:00 PM Audio God's Manifestations Of His Mercy   PDF Terry Mabery
2:00 PM Audio Where Are God's Blessings Located?   PDF Steve Harbison
7:00 PM Audio The Necessity And Benefit Of The Great Commission   PDF Charles Coats
8:00 PM Audio Reconciled Or Reprobate - There Are Only Two Ways   PDF Tom Bright

September 21 Wednesday Lectures
9:00 AM Audio The Assurance That Jesus Is Divine   PDF Don Underwood
10:00 AM Audio The Proper Use And Application Of The Old Law   PDF Wayne Brewer
11:00 AM Audio God Demands Personal Righteousness   PDF Eugene Jenkins
1:00 PM Audio Godly Living And Teaching Brings Persecution   PDF Randy Mabe
2:00 PM Audio Division Causes Failure   PDF Michael Wyatt
7:00 PM Audio The Value And Work Of Each Christian   PDF Jay Yeager
8:00 PM Audio How Can We "Become As Little Children"   PDF Richard Massey

September 22 Thursday Lectures
9:00 AM Audio The Glorification Of Christ   PDF Randy Watson
10:00 AM Audio Striving Lawfully For Our Hope   PDF David Long
11:00 AM Audio The Necessity Of Sending Forth A Certain Sound   PDF Johnie Scaggs
1:00 PM Audio God Demands A Life Of Turning To Him   PDF Richard Massey
2:00 PM Audio The Mystery Of The Resurrection   PDF Ted Thrasher
7:00 PM Audio Churches Which Leave Their First Love   PDF Toney Smith
8:00 PM Audio How Can Doubt Be Overcome?   PDF Michael Wyatt

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