22nd Annual Mid-West Lectures

Presented by

39th Street Church of Christ

Independence, Missouri

"Issues Facing the Church"

September 19-23, 2004

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Disregard for the Authority of Elders Jack Williams
Compromising God’s Plan of Salvation Tom Bright
Why Are There Issues That Must Be Faced? Charles Coats
Our Responsibility To False Teachers Ron Cosby
The Battle for the Home — The Role of Men Jim O'Connor
The Challenge To Speak the Truth in Love Randy Watson
Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage — Perversions of 1 Corinthians 7 Ted Thrasher
The Responsibility of the Evangelist in Facing Issues Terry Mabery
Combating Worldliness — Gambling Steve Harbison
The Singularity of the Church Richard Massey
A Review of the Versions - Which Are Reliable? Robert Taylor, Jr.
The Battle for the Home — The Role of Women Robert Taylor, Jr.
Christian Colleges — Blessing or Bane? Toney Smith
The Responsibility of the Eldership in Facing Issues Bill Goring
Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage — Do the Gospel Accounts Contain New Testament Legislation, and Is Matthew 19:9 Universal? Perry Cotham
Combating Worldliness — Drinking and Drugs Randy Mabe
Clarifying the Issues Regarding the Holy Spirit Tom Bright
The Role of Women in Worship Jay Yeager
The Battle for the Home — Parent - Child Relationships Wayne Brewer
The Continuing Threat of Anti-ism Richard Massey
Worship — Mechanical Instruments of Music Don Underwood
Is the Restoration Plea Still Valid? Jay Yeager
Combating Worldliness — Homosexuality Chuck Northrop
The Failure To Cultivate the Potential of Youth Michael Wyatt
Recognizing God’s Plan for the Home Charles Coats
The Battle for the Bible Class   John Shafer
Church Discipline Michael Wyatt
"I Don’t Know and I Don’t Care!" Johnie Scaggs
Fulfilling the Great Commission   Eugene Jenkins
Combating Worldliness — Immodesty Fred Rhodes
Worship — Contemporary or "Traditional" Toney Smith
How Do We Rekindle the Fire? Perry Cotham

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