21st Annual Mid-West Lectures

Presented by

39th Street Church of Christ

Independence, Missouri

"Then Cometh The End...."

A Study of Matters Pertaining to the End of the World

September 21-25, 2003

Click here for Lectureship Manuscripts available in PDF format.

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What About The Rapture?

Ron Cosby
Two Ways (Matthew 7:13-14) Charles Coats
Matthew 24 and the Coming of Christ Tom Bright
What Is Heaven Like? Perry Cotham
Christ and the Throne of David Randy Watson
Who Will Be In Heaven? Eugene Jenkins
Is There Really A Hell? Fred Rhodes
Who Will Be In Hell? Jim O'Connor
Keys To Understanding The Book of Revelation Jack Williams
Revelation 20 and the "Thousand Year Reign" Robert Taylor, Jr.
The Eternal Destiny of the New Testament Church Richard Massey
Preparation for the End by Becoming A Christian John Shafer
The Seventy Weeks of Daniel Robert Taylor, Jr.
The New Heavens and The New Earth Richard Massey
The Battle of Armageddon   Text Document in htm format Ted Thrasher
What and When Is The "Great Tribulation"? Steve Harbison
The Second Coming of Christ - Pre, Post or Amillenial Tom Bright
Will Israel Be Restored? Terry Mabery
AD 70 Doctrine George Jensen
The Kingdom and the Church Wayne Brewer
What and When are the "Last Days"? Michael Wyatt
Preparation for the End by Living Faithfully Jay Yeager
The End Marks The Beginning (eternal nature of heaven) Toney Smith
What Will Happen When Christ Returns? Perry Cotham

Building False Hopes

Charles Coats
Who Are The 144,000 of Revelation 7 and 14? Don Underwood
The Mark of the Beast - What Is It? Terry Mabery
Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained Bill Goring
Where Are The Dead?  Power Point Slide Presentation Chuck Northrop
Will Christ Have A Physical Earthly Reign? Michael Hughes
The Final Judgment Toney Smith
The Antichrist Michael Wyatt

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