20th Annual Mid-West Lectures

Presented by

39th Street Church of Christ

Independence, Missouri

"1st Century Ethics In A 21st Century World"

September 15-19, 2002

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Are Ethics Situational?

Ron Cosby
Why Study Ethics? Jack H. Williams
Smoking And Tobacco Use Charles Coats
Abortion Paul Meacham
Birth Control Randy Watson
Fertilization Methods Bill Goring
Euthanasia And Suicide Eugene Jenkins
Living Wills And Life Support Steve Harbison
The Christian And His Money Fred Rhodes
The Ethics Of Jesus In His Earthly Ministry Robert Taylor, Jr.
Can We Determine Right And Wrong? Perry B. Cotham
Honesty John Shafer
Are There Bible Examples Of Situation Ethics? Robert Taylor, Jr.
Organ Transplants And Blood Transfusions Toney Smith
Ethical Concerns Of Godly Preachers George Jensen
Sex And Ethics Michael Wyatt
Ethical Concerns Of Godly Elders Tom Bright, Sr.
Drugs And Alcohol Terry Mabery
Race Relations Jack H. Williams
The Church And Politics Jay Yeager
Gambling Perry B. Cotham
Biblical Love And Ethics Wayne Brewer
Genetic Engineering And Cloning Charles Coats
Young People And Ethics - Why And How? Richard Massey
Dating And Ethics Larry Yarber
Various Ethical Models Michael Hughes
Stem Cell Research And Use Ted J. Thrasher
Evangelism And Ethics Jim O'Connor
Ethics In The Workplace Don Underwood
Capital Punishment Chuck Northrop
Ethics And Marriage Toney Smith
The Christian And Warfare Michael Wyatt

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