19th Annual Mid-West Lectures

Presented by

39th Street Church of Christ

Independence, Missouri

Theme: "Christian Evidences"

September 16-20, 2001

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Who Is God?

Randy Watson
Who Is Jesus? Larry Yarber
Who Is The Holy Spirit? Perry B. Cotham
What Is The Bible? James Meadows
Has Revelation From God Ended? Ron Cosby
Why Is Evolution So Popular Jack H. Williams
Does The Geological Record Contradict the Bible Teaching Of Creation? Don Underwood
Scientific Accuracy As A Proof Of Bible Inspiration Chuck Northrop
Do Racial Differences Prove Evolution? Steve Harbison
Can We Know God Exists? Charles Coats
Does The Existence Of Evil Prove God Does Not Exist? Robert Taylor, Jr.
Is The Bible Authoritative? Robert Taylor, Jr.
Are The Days Of Genesis Eons Of Time? Toney Smith
Does The Fossil Record Contradict The Bible Teaching Of Creation? John Shafer
The Unity Of The Scriptures As A Proof Of Bible Inspiration Michael Wyatt
Why Do We Need To Teach Christian Evidences? Jim O'Connor
What About Prehistoric Men? Terry Mabery
How Old Is The Earth? Tom Bright, Sr.
Is Evolution Scientific? David Long
Was The Genesis Flood Worldwide? Wayne Brewer
Does Astronomy Contradict The Bible Teaching Of Creation? Charles Coats
Historical Accuracy As A Proof Of Bible Inspiration Michael Hughes
What Is Truth? Jack H. Williams
What If There Is No God? Jay Yeager
The "Missing Links" Of Evolution Richard Massey
Are There Other Inspired Books? Ted J. Thrasher
Are There Books Missing From The Bible? Perry B. Cotham
Do Dating Methods Disprove The Bible Teaching Of Creation? Eugene Jenkins
Prophecy As A Proof Of Bible Inspiration Bill Goring
Was There A Gap Between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2? Paul Meacham
Did Dinosaurs Really Exist? Michael Wyatt
What About Noah's Ark? Toney Smith

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