42nd Annual Memphis
School of Preaching Lectures

Memphis, Tennessee

March 30 - April 3, 2008
"Strengthening The Heart"

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March 29  

Saturday Youth Day - Psalm 25

10:00 AM Audio "Do I Lift Up My Soul" - Dependence Kyle Gilpin
10:50 AM Audio "Yea, Let None That Wait" - Guidance Robert Jefferies
12:45 PM Audio "Remember Not The Sins Of My Youth" - Assurance Joshua McCrary

March 30  

Sunday Lectures

9:30 AM Audio He Shall Strengthen Your Heart: An Exposition of Psalm 31 David Sain
10:30 AM Audio The Heart of The Preacher Barry Grider
6:00 PM Audio The Heart That Trusts God Though Reproached by Enemies Glenn Posey

March 31

  Monday Lectures and Classes  
8:30 AM Audio CHAPEL (Forest Hill) 1 Cor. 16:13 Kyle Gilpin
9:00 AM Audio Strengthen Thou Me According Unto Thy Word B.J. Clarke
10:00 AM Audio Gaining Strength Through Worship Terry Claunch
Class Audio  Growing Stronger In Personal Work James Parker
11:00 AM Audio Helping Our Neighbors To Be Stronger  Keith Dixon
Ladies Class   Seeing God Through The Tears (Women Only) Jane McWhorter
1:30 PM Audio Practicing Pure Religion Mike McDaniel
Ladies Class   The Heart of a Christian Mother (Women Only) Tanya Silcox
2:30 PM Audio Equipping Ourselves for Financial Challenges Jimmy Palmer
Class Audio Withstanding Evil Influences In the Work Place (Not Available) Eugene Jenkins
3:30 PM Audio Open Forum    Garland Elkins
7:00 PM Audio The Heart that Shows Mercy Dan Winkler

April 1

   Tuesday Lectures and Classes  
8:30 AM Audio CHAPEL (Forest Hill) Phil. 4:13 Dwayne Butler
9:00 AM Audio Maintaining Biblical Balance Don Blackwell
10:00 AM Audio Trusting God’s Providence Gary Hampton
Class Audio Choosing a Mate Who Will Make You Stronger Kevin Beard
11:00 AM Audio They Shall Bring Forth Fruit in Old Age Curtis A. Cates
Ladies Class   A Word Fitly Spoken (Women Only) Jan Beard
1:30 PM Audio “Don’t Ever Give Up!” Bob Spurlin
Ladies Class   When Loved Ones Go Astray (Women Only) Tish Clarke
2:30 PM Audio Having a Strong Eldership Billy Bland
Class Audio Maintaining Strength in Times of Temptation A.J. Cox
3:30 PM Audio Open Forum Garland Elkins
7:00 PM Audio The Heart That is Lonely Tom Holland

April 2

  Wednesday Lectures and Classes  
8:30 AM Audio CHAPEL (Forest Hill) Eph. 6:10 Morne Stephanus
9:00 AM Audio The Lord is My Strength (Not Available) Paul Sain
10:00 AM Audio On The Mission Field Rod Rutherford
Class Audio Having Strong Deacons Charles Broyles
11:00 AM Audio Rearing Children with Healthy Hearts Mark Mosher
Ladies Class   The Heart of Her Husband Trusts in Her (Women Only) Keri Sayle
1:30 PM Audio Fighting “The Battle of Armageddon” James Hudley
Ladies Class   Essentials for Strong Bible Class Teachers (Women Only) Christa Mangrum
2:30 PM Audio Building and Repairing Our Homes Jerry Martin
Class Audio The Christian Response to National Crises Patrick Morrison
3:30 PM Audio Open Forum Garland Elkins
7:00 PM Audio The Heart That Grieves Keith A. Mosher, Sr.

April 3

  Thursday Lectures and Classes  
8:30 AM Audio CHAPEL (Forest Hill) 2 Tim. 2:1 Josh Richardson
9:00 AM Audio Keeping the Local Congregation Strong Wade Webster
10:00 AM Audio When Bad News Comes Ed Smith


Audio Standing Against the Threats of Atheism

Bob Prichard

11:00 AM Audio Drugs, Immorality, Violence and Suicide Are Not the Answer Dan Cates
Ladies Class   Facing Responsibility As A Caregiver (Women Only) Irene Taylor
1:30 PM Audio Preparing For the Future Storms of Life John Barcus
Ladies Class   Strengthening the Preacher’s Wife (Women Only) Celicia Grider
2:30 PM Audio Remembering the Foundations of Faith Gary McDade
Class Audio Strengthening Our Sisters in Christ Dan Dawson
3:30 PM Audio Open Forum Garland Elkins
7:00 PM Audio The Heart That Anticipates The Blessings of Heaven Robert R. Taylor, Jr.

* Ladies Classes are not available by live broadcast or archives.

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